Osteopathy varies in style and treatment across the world. The education provided from the Canadian College of Osteopathy (Toronto campus) graduates therapists with a well rounded knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with clinical experience to truly understand how the body compensates for dysfunction to protect itself. Students must complete their 5 years of course work, along with the completion of a quantitative or qualitative thesis.

An Osteopathic Manual Practitioners’ (D.O.M.P.) job is to find the root of the problem and help the patient function as the ‘root’ shows it’s layers. The role of the D.O.M.P. is to give the patients body its functional mechanisms back in order to function properly. There are a number of them that need to be addressed when a patient is compensating for a problem and it is up to the D.O.M.P to restore that function so the body can begin to take care of it self.

Osteopathy uses a variety of techniques throughout treatment, some of the techniques used throughout treatment are:

Osteopathy FAQ’s

Initial appointment

The initial appointment will cover an in depth patient history of all things pertaining to the patients complaint(s) of pain. This may entail asking the patient to go and ask for certain tests by their Physician or to bring copies of any and all tests performed by a physician to aid in the safety and knowledge in treating the patients’ complaint(s). Once the interview portion has been completed and if there is time in the first appointment, the practitioner will do an assessment and basic introductory treatment. This “intro” treatment is used to help explain what are possible scenarios occurring with the patient. It also allows the practitioner to ease the patient into treatment without overloading the body with too much therapy in the first treatment.

Ongoing treatments

The second treatment and all supplemental appointments will be a full assessment and treatment encompassing all the components that osteopathy uses. Each treatment will involve a direct physical contact with the affected area of the patient. A light and intentional pressure is applied to the affected tissue with deliberate and specific motions. In some cases the intention may have more pressure when a direct intent is used, where as an indirect intent can have a lighter pressure due to the position of the tissues. For further information on treatment please refer to the following links:

Osteopathy Referral List

In Winnipeg, there are only FIVE graduated Osteopathic Manual Practitioners from the Canadian College of Osteopathy who practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba. All of which, have closed practices and are no longer taking any new patients. If you are looking for to see if Osteopathy is the right fit for you the best thing to do would be to book in with a student of the program. Some of our colleagues we refer to are;

Sonia Sharma (Thesis Writer)
Continuum Therapeutic Bodywork
p. 204-783-9129
F – 118 Sherbrook Street

Andree Lavergne (Thesis Writer)
Prairie Manual Therapy
p. 204-504-4443
98 Sherbrook Street

Luke Voth (Thesis Writer)
Sundragon Studios
p. 204-889-9089
3141 Portage Avenue

Kurt Engbrecht (Completed Year 5)
Winnipeg Muscle Therapy
p. 204-452-0000
303-915 Grosvenor Avenue

Karis Kolybabi (Thesis Writer – defending November 2018!)
Sport & Spine Physical Therapy Centre
445 Henderson Highway
p. 204-669-6620

Massage Therapy


If you are looking for a message therapist, here are the therapists we recommend;

Linda Louttit
New Leaf Massage Therapy
p. 204.505.2373
196 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Online Booking –

Christel Leclair
Saule Massage Therapy
p. 204.681.6800
118 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Online Booking –

Brandi Martens
Anatomic Massage Therapy
p. 204.295.4526
118 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Online Booking –

 Julie Oldershaw
New Moon Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre
p. 204.615.8888
113 Marion Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Katie Whittaker
Downtime Massage Therapy
p. 204-944-0901
164 Hargrave Street

Christine Steinke
Muscle Mechanics Massage Therapy
p. 204-338-8898
1830 Main Street