How Salus Manual Therapy is keeping you safe during these times.


1.     Please come on time, and only come into the clinic space a minute or two before the start time of your appointment (i.e. 1:57pm for a 2:00pm appointment).

We have a protocol in place once you enter the clinic space (more on that later) so please ensure you visit the washroom before entering a couple minutes before your appointment time so you don’t have to leave the clinic space again until your appointment is done.

2.     Please bring your own face mask, as you will be required to wear it throughout treatment. If you do not have one, we have washable ones, but we are recommending you bring your own.

3.     Please bring your own water bottle as our cups and water filter are currently not in use.

4.     With that being said, please try to limit your belongings brought with you to your appointment. All you need for treatment is your valuables (phone and wallet), along with your mask. 

5.     No guests will be allowed to accompany you for your treatment unless absolutely necessary. Please plan accordingly.

6.     Please pay with a card.

7.     There will be no printed receipts for the time being. A copy of your invoice will be emailed to you instead.

Have more questions about Salus' COVID-19 protocols or procedures?