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The Brickers work with many professionals throughout Winnipeg.

Sometimes a team of healing professionals is needed to help you achieve your goals and navigate what decisions are best for you.

Community is important to Davis and Caroline to support their patients who are often going through a new part of their life and success often comes to those who have found the right 'team' to support them.


Caroline Sitting Down Working in the Office Taking Down Notes -  Caroline Bricker Winnipeg

General Professional Referral List


Women's Health Professional Referral List


Mama Instagram Resource List


@pandemicpregnancyguide – Canada covid pregnancy info
@drlorashahine – IVF & fertility

@roohijeelanimd – IVF & fertility
@cindywpglactationconsultant – breastfeeding support

@mrschantalurbina – breastfeeding support

@lynettebeardbreastfeeding – breastfeeding support

@mbmilkdocs – breastfeeding support
@mommy.labornurse – labour and delivery nurse

@babytalk.birthnurse – pregnancy, birth and postpartum

@thepregnantpelvis – pelvis education for pre/postnatal

@thebellemethod – pilates and pelvic health, birth prep

@askjanette – activity pre and postnatal

Women's Health Instagram Resource List

@healthypcos_- PCOS information – information about everything related to hormones

@the.vagina.whisperer – pelvic health

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