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Osteopathy consists of observation, palpation and hands-on methods to contribute to health.

Helping the body find balance is one of the key goals of osteopathic manual therapy. All body structures are actually interconnected on an anatomical level. By direct or indirect manipulation, osteopathic principles help the body to heal itself and promote better health, holistically.

In osteopathic manual therapy, we are fully attentive to the body and work to first identify the primary factors involved in a physical problem, then restore the areas in the body that are restricted or constricted.


Osteopathic care can often be effective even when symptoms are not responsive to other types of treatment. As osteopathic manual therapists, we help you take care of your body as a whole. Helping you to feel free from pain, return to health and to your regular activities is the ultimate goal of osteopathic manual therapy.

Osteopathy & Research Findings

Clinical research is very important to our growing Osteopathic community. Please browse our list of peer reviewed articles you might find helpful to understand more about Osteopathic Manual Therapy and how it can help a variety of complaints.


It is important to note that the word Osteopathy is used in different ways around the world resulting in therapists using different titles and training which can be confusing. We have only listed relatable studies to how we have been trained at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Osteopathy Insights from YouTube

The following videos are from sources we trust. They may help you to understand more about osteopathy. The videos found at these links are not meant to be taken as medical advice and are strictly for information purposes. Please note that the content of these videos does not belong to Salus Manual Therapy.

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